Feel good about your purchase from Sawtooth.  Your purchase was created by a local craftsman using stringent guidelines:


Sustainable domestic materials


None of the wood species used are listed in the CITES Appendices or on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species.  Additionally, only Yellowheart, Chakte Viga and some Olivewood are not domestically sourced.  In fact, whenever possible, lumber is acquired through local tree services that are only trimming the trees.  (Most of the Olivewood is also from prunings, as the tree is far more valuable producing olives!)


Environmentally safe materials


Glues and board conditioners are FDA-approved non-toxic and food safe.  All other finishes and paints, with the exception of items intended for outdoor use, are low VOC and water-based.


Low waste


The number of pieces cut from a piece of lumber is planned out in advance, and any wood left over is kept for future use.  Thin kerf blades minimize the loss during cutting.  Sawdust is collected and composted.


Low carbon footprint


Sawtooth Designs of Austin contracts with the local energy provider to use electricity derived from wind and solar sources.  All the lighting in the shop is either fluorescent or LED.